Chutki Doll


This Chutki Teddy is made of Poly Boa Fabric. It’s washable items. It’s made in India(Mumbai). We are not selling china Items.
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Elephant soft toy
Color: RED
Poly Boa Fabric
Age 3+

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A perfect replica of little Chutki Doll in their growing infancy, Chutki resides in every home! In this learning stage of life, lessons come from all directions. The bright red dress and the long plaited hair mean so much to the boys and girls who play with Chutki all day long. Cartoons and caricatures make the personality so much more attractive. Even at bedtime, she becomes a partner and lives in innocent dreams.
At this early stage, give them the toys that they will love forever. The biggest gift is parental time and playtime with friends. Light up their happiness further with this elegant toy.

Dimensions N/A

Size 1 (height 25-28cm), Size 2 (height 35-38 cm), Size 3(height 45-48cm)


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