Cute Teddy Mobile Stand

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This Phoo Phone Teddy is made of Poly Boa Fabric. It’s washable items. It’s made in India(Mumbai). We are not selling china Items.
Product Detail
Phoo Phone Stand soft toy
Color: Yellow
Poly Boa Fabric
Age 3+

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Combine utility with playing for the best results, a valuable lesson to learn early in life! Phones inhabit every dwelling, and a cute teddy stand mobile stand for them brings advantages like safety and organization. Teach the child to put the toy phone in the right place. Designate a place for everything. And then gift the Teddy figure that every kid loves to the moon and back.
Cute teddy mobile stand occupies a special place in every child’s fantasy. Partly, it is the attraction that animals have, but Teddy is something much more. The love for nature and the wild should be encouraged in a world of excessive gadgets.


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