Doraemon Teddy


This Doremon Teddy is made of Poly Boa Fabric. It’s washable items. It’s made in India(Mumbai). We are not selling china Items.
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Doremon soft toy
Color: Blue
Poly Boa Fabric
Age 3+

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It is time for hiding and seeks with Doraemon Teddy! Children play their fantasy games all the time and need some cute and cuddly characters to base their dreams upon. Originally the rounded Japanese character, Doraemon invites attention with a blue, red, white, and black pattern. He goes everywhere the kids go. Whether it is to the park or the beach, Doraemon Teddy is going for sure.
Animal characters come vibrantly alive in the kids’ thoughts. The movies and the cartoons they watch show lots of weird creatures. Avoid excessive screen time. Give them something to do with action toys like Doraemon.

Dimensions N/A

Size 1 (height 25-28cm), Size 2 (height 35-38 cm), Size 3(height 45-48cm)


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