Ganesh Teddy


This Ganesh Teddy is made of Poly Boa Fabric. It’s washable items. It’s made in India(Mumbai). We are not selling china Items.
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Ganesh soft toy
Color: N/A
Poly Boa Fabric
Age 3+

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An awesome representation of Lord Ganesh Teddy, the kids, may have seen him already at the family altar. The trunk and the ears, black locks of hair, and an upraised arm suggest action. The light shades in the midst of red do provide a sharp contrast. With their toys, kids are truly in action mode. They need things to do all the time and pretty toys bring lots of ideas to play with.
Ganesh Teddy quickly occupies a special place in the collection of toys and in the hearts of the little ones. Games now take on spiritual meanings with promises of prosperity and plenty.

Dimensions N/A

Size 1 (height 25-28cm), Size 2 (height 35-38 cm), Size 3(height45-48cm)


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