Barbie Rani Doll

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This Barbie Rani Doll is made of Poly Boa Fabric. It’s washable items. It’s made in India(Mumbai). We are not selling china Items.
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Barbie Rani Doll soft toy
Color: Pink
Poly Boa Fabric
Age 3+

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Boys and girls love this cute little Barbie Rani Doll! They cannot stop loving Barbie Rani Doll. Give the kids this pretty gift and watch the faces light up in innocent smiles. One for each will be better to avoid any fighting. Playtime means so much to the little ones. Let it be a fun-cum-learning experience. Wait till they touch and feel this splendid creation. Pinks, reds, and whites attract gentle imaginations. The design truly amazes me.
Bring sunshine into the little lives. Barbie Rani encourages children to play games. The lively features, eyes, headgear, and party cap look graceful. The fairy looks get the kids elated.


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